Case study: 53k words EN – CZ translation in the automotive industry

In the fast-paced and globally interconnected automotive industry, precise communication is paramount. Synergium, a leading translation company, recognizes the pivotal role of specialized translations in propelling the automotive sector forward. Technical Precision: Multilingual Marketing: Safety and Compliance: By providing tailored translations, Synergium accelerates the industry’s progress, facilitating global expansion, safety compliance, and enhanced customer experiences. […]

Case study: 39k words EN – NO translation in the e-learning industry

Translations have a profound impact on the development of the e-learning industry. With accurate translations, e-learning platforms can expand their user base, attract international learners, and cater to diverse markets. By providing localized content, e-learning companies can establish themselves as global leaders, fostering inclusivity and enhancing learner satisfaction. Translations also aid in the standardization of […]

Case study: 26k words EN – FR translation in the consulting industry

In today’s interconnected world, the consulting industry thrives on expanding its global presence and catering to diverse markets. Consulting firms often engage with multinational clients, partners, and stakeholders. Clear and precise translations ensure seamless communication, enabling consultants to convey their expertise and insights accurately across language barriers. Inaccurate translations can lead to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and […]

Case study: 25k words EN – SL software translation

In the software industry, accurate and effective translations are critical for companies to expand their reach to global markets. Software translations involve adapting the user interface, software manuals, help files, and other documentation to the language and culture of the target audience. Professional software translations can ensure that the software is easy to use and […]

Case study: 25k words EN – NL translation in the metals industry

In today’s globalized business environment, companies in the metals industry must navigate a complex web of regulations and standards, often in multiple languages. At Synergium, we have extensive experience working with clients in the metals industry and understand the importance of accurate translations in ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. Our team of language experts […]

Case study: 26k words EN – HU agricultural translation

The agricultural industry is developing faster than ever before. The search for new regions to grow food and a higher demand for more innovative ways to do this has given rise to agricultural technology advances, which in turn have created demand for further research, and product development as well. Agricultural translation services are becoming increasingly […]

Case study: 135k words EN – FI medical translation

The medical industry is a growing field, and with it comes the need for specialized translators. There are many healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, and other kinds of drugs that must be accurately translated in order for them to become available to everyone, no matter the country or language.  Medical translators must have specialized knowledge of both […]

How we helped Bosch with a big translation project

Being one of the biggest global industries, the consumer electronics sector is rapidly growing due to the development of the Internet and such e-commerce giants as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. Companies locate their clients all over the world. Not surprisingly, this sector heavily depends on translation and localization services.  Synergium has specialized in electronics translations […]

How we helped IQVIA with clinical trials translations

Clinical trials always require the preparation of a large amount of documentation. Moreover, these documents are very complex and only highly-qualified linguists with a medical background can translate them.  In the European Union, the demand for translations in the medical field is only increasing due to a new regulation (EU MDR) which has introduced stricter […]

How we translated technical documentation for Caterpillar

The machinery sector is a significant part of the engineering industry, and it is expected to grow from $534.9 billion in 2020 to $793.9 billion in 2025 at a rate of 8.2%. Technological advances and increases in consumption are the main drivers for further growth and development of the industry. These innovations inevitably lead to […]