Things that set us apart.

Why Synergium is a cut above other translation companies and linguist services.

  1. Best-fit translators We always select the best translators for the task at hand based on skills and previous experience. We look not just for fluency but for the specialised knowledge needed to deliver the terminological precision and linguistic finesse that ensures you reach your audience exactly as you intended.

  2. Automated workflows and machine learning We use specialised APIs to streamline our project administration, cutting down communication delays on all sides. This saves project managers hours — and even days — on projects. We supplement this with text parsing services to automate the simplest translations for rapid turnaround.

  3. Mother-tongue guarantee We guarantee translations of quality as if a native speaker had written it. Better translators mean fewer mistakes, and consistent quality reduces the amount of rework that can cause you to miss deadlines.

  4. Personal project manager Our dedicated customer portal means we’re able to provide a 15-minute customer service response to questions and keep you in the loop. And a dedicated project manager to handle your job all the way through means you’re in the hands of someone who knows your needs.

  5. Language technology cost-savings We‘ve develop systems and have resources such as computational linguists to more efficiently navigate peaks in demand and bring down the cost of translation for our customers. It‘s why we‘re a recipient of a Deloitte Technology 50 Award.

  6. Speed with quality Our innovative use of project management tools let us optimise the structuring of projects and, in combination with careful translator selection means we can make everything happen quickly, with zero compromise in quality.

  7. Confidentiality We use the encrypted communications to maintain commercial-in-confidence security of translations and documentation. This is supported by an ISO QA process.

  8. Strict translation quality control Synergium translation services adhere to ISO 17100 processes to meet the most-demanding standards of technical and linguistic accuracy. Projects are routinely audited for quality according to accepted global quality metrics, and we have minimum thresholds under which we reject and revise the work of our translators.

  9. Wide range of services With capabilities from marketing material to technical documentation and expertise in fields from legal and finance to engineering, life-sciences and consumer electronics, we have the ability to manage translations from start to finish. Additionally, we can assist with desktop publishing, software localization, proofreading, website localization, transcreation, and other language-related services.

  10. Established translation company Synergium has been around a decade and a half — and counting! In that time, we’ve built up large in-house teams of expert project managers, translators, editors, and software engineers. Their vast experience in handling translation projects from major technical industries gives us the ability to deliver exceptionally accurate translations of large volumes and under tight deadlines.