Case study: gigantic English -> Bulgarian project in the metallurgical industry

Metallurgical translations pose multifaceted challenges, encompassing complex technical jargon, nuanced material specifications, and an imperative for absolute precision. Synergium encountered analogous obstacles while entrusted with translating a pivotal metallurgical document for one of China’s leading manufacturers of heavy forging machinery. The document comprised diverse materials and intricate specifications crucial for their operations.

Here is our most recent project:

  • Document – Equipment manuals;
  • Service – Translation, editing, proofreading;
  • CAT tool – SDL Trados Studio;
  • QA tool – Verifika;
  • Languages – English into Bulgarian;
  • Wordcount – over 600k words.

Our approach was comprehensive. We assembled a team of linguists possessing not only linguistic prowess but also profound expertise in metallurgy. This fusion of linguistic acumen and industry knowledge ensured an accurate translation of technical terms and concepts. We leveraged cutting-edge translation tools complemented by industry-specific glossaries and databases, streamlining the process while upholding quality.

Synergium’s collaborative efforts and unwavering commitment to quality assurance were pivotal in surmounting intricate challenges. Thorough quality checks and iterative reviews guaranteed that the translated document mirrored the precision and essence of the original.

If you have any upcoming translation projects in the metallurgical industry, please do not hesitate to contact us.