Case study: massive English -> German project in the gaming industry

Venturing into the dynamic realm of gaming translations presents a labyrinth of challenges. From the intricate nuances of gamer culture to the rapid evolution of gaming jargon, the path to seamless localization is fraught with obstacles. Yet, at Synergium, we don’t just navigate; we innovate.

Here is our most recent project for a Japanese video game developer:

  • Document – Marketing materials, video metadata, characters, descriptions;
  • Service – Translation, editing, proofreading;
  • CAT tool – SDL Trados Studio;
  • QA tool – Verifika;
  • Languages – English into German;
  • Wordcount – over 31k words.

Our secret lies in our fusion of linguistic expertise and gaming acumen. We decode the cryptic codes of game lore, ensuring translations capture the essence of the narrative. Our adept team anticipates player expectations, delivering translations that resonate deeply with diverse gaming communities worldwide.

But excellence isn’t just about understanding the words; it’s about embodying the gaming experience. With our keen eye for detail and passion for gaming, we transcend mere translation to craft immersive linguistic landscapes that transport gamers across cultures.

At Synergium, we don’t just translate games; we unlock worlds, one language at a time.

Preparing for upcoming gaming translation projects? Reach out to us without delay. We’re your dedicated partners, ready to assist!