Case study: large English->Ukrainian project in the biotech industry

The biotech landscape relies on clear, accurate communication. Translations in this sphere go beyond language; they ensure scientific accuracy, compliance with regulations, and seamless global dissemination of critical information.

Synergium’s commitment to precision is exemplified in recent projects, such as a project for a prominent French multinational biotechnology company:

  • Document – Laboratory exams;
  • Service – Translation, editing, proofreading;
  • CAT tool – SDL Trados Studio;
  • QA tool – Verifika;
  • Languages – English into Ukrainian;
  • Wordcount – over 25k words.

Technicality poses a significant hurdle. Synergium’s team adeptly tackles this challenge, maintaining precision while conveying intricate scientific concepts. Regulatory demands are met with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring adherence across diverse regulatory frameworks.

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