Case study: enormous English -> Danish MTPE marketing project

Since 2014, Synergium has been immersed in Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) projects across various industries, including Automotive, Engineering, Environmental, EU, Finance, Legal, IT, Marketing, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Telecommunications. This extensive experience equipped us with the necessary tools to tackle complex translations efficiently.

Here is our most recent project for an American construction, mining, and engineering equipment manufacturer:

  • Document – Marketing documents;
  • Service – MTPE;
  • Languages – English into Danish;
  • Wordcount – over 320k words.

For this particular project, our process involved meticulous planning and coordination. We assembled a dedicated team of specialized translators and subject matter experts to ensure accuracy and consistency across all translated materials. Leveraging advanced translation technologies and rigorous quality assurance measures, we maintained high standards throughout the project.

Effective project management played a crucial role in meeting tight deadlines and accommodating the client’s specific requirements. Constant communication and feedback loops ensured transparency and alignment with the client’s expectations.

Preparing for upcoming MTPE projects? Feel free to reach out to us. We are dedicated partners ready to assist you whenever you require support!