It is the translation, revision and verification process of your technical or marketing documentation, such as installation, user manuals, safety instructions, product catalogues, etc., in order to produce a text suitable for the agreed purpose that is in accordance with the rules of the linguistic system of the target language, requirements of the domain, locale, and your instructions received in the project assignment.


The Translator transfers the meaning in the source language into the target language by paying attention to the following:

  • Terminology: compliance with specific domain and your terminology as well as terminology consistency throughout the whole translation.
  • Grammar: syntax, spelling punctuation, orthotypography, diacritical marks.
  • Lexis: lexical cohesion and phraseology.
  • Style: compliance with your style guide or instructions, including register and language variants.
  • Locale: local conventions and regional standards.
  • Formatting: type style and fonts, etc.
  • Target group and purpose of the translation.

On completion of the initial translation, the translator checks his / her own work that the meaning has been conveyed, that there are no omissions or errors and that the defined service specifications have been met.


The Reviser is a person other than the translator and has the appropriate competence in the source and target languages, and subject matter. He / she examines the translation for its suitability for purpose. This includes, as required by the project, comparison of the source and target texts for terminology consistency, register and style.


The Project Manager executes the final verification of the project against your specifications before the release by carrying out the comparison of the source and target files.

* If your project specifications also include proofreading, we will ensure that the translated and revised text is proofread and contains neither typographical errors, omissions, nor mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling before publishing.