Mindaugas Kazlauskas


My mother is a doctor. For many years, she has been working in an emergency room of a city hospital, just like in ER, an American drama television series.

As a child, I was constantly being asked whether I wanted to become a doctor when I grew up. I have to admit, I was never fond of the idea because of all the responsibility and pressure I have witnessed in my mother’s life, and chose the localization industry instead. I thought it would be a very calm and quiet technology and language-related environment.

After 10 years with Synergium, I confess that I have not escaped my fate! The localization industry is as fast-paced as the ER. You might be wondering: “How come?” Well, mainly due to urgent deadlines (= “I feel a sharp pain, please help me!!!”), complexity when even the smallest project of 2 pages is accompanied by 50 pages of mandatory instructions, style guides (= symptoms, risk factors, complications), and the highest degree of accuracy and responsibility (= the right treatment) to adhere to ever-changing compliance requirements in as highly regulated industry as yours.

However, the most important similarity is that there are PEOPLE behind all your and our projects, helping each other in various situations.

Isn’t that meaningful?!

Mindaugas Kazlauskas

Not a Doctor, but CEO of Synergium

Contact: mindaugas@synergium.se

Mob: +46 7027 44914