Company based in UK, is Europe’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of medical devices for respiratory support.

What is their challenge?

The client came to us with a challenge: to translate, revise and proofread their marketing materials for 27 markets in the EU, Middle East and Asia on a regular basis by ensuring the translated catalogues correspond to the original as well as the unique brand style and instructions provided by the client.




“Your translations are always very consistent and accurate.”


How do we solve it?

  • Built an expert team of experienced marketing translators and revisers to carry out the translations, ensuring brand consistency and that the messages are compelling.
  • Developed a custom project workflow to ensure the smooth and timely execution of projects on a regular basis.
  • The project manager issued and trained the team to follow specific project instructions based on the client requirements.
  • Created the specific terminology glossary for all 27 languages to ensure brand consistency, “local” tone and feel for all target markets.
  • The project team uses real-time translation memory and terminology sharing to ensure consistency and time efficiency on an ongoing basis with the help of innovative online translation software and QA tools.

What are the results?

We helped company to reach their customers more effectively across 27 markets in the EU, Middle East, Asia by translating their marketing materials (over 1 000 000 words to date) under their unique brand style on a regular basis. Needless to say, the client is happy with the result, as they are able to generate sales more effectively in international markets: “Your translations are always very consistent and accurate.”

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