How to prepare your team for the busy season

The second half of summer is one of the busiest periods of the year for translation companies. The number of urgent projects is only growing and you get a constant flow of work to do. Of course, this can bring you more profit, but only if you can handle all the upcoming projects. At the same time many linguists, as well as in-house employees, go on vacation reducing your capabilities to accept every opportunity that comes. And if your team is not ready for unexpected issues that may arise, you can get behind on schedule, make avoidable mistakes, and what is even worse, make your clients unsatisfied. That’s why it is vital to get ready for peak season as soon as possible. 

Probably, one of the most essential things that every translation company should do is to plan human resources in advance. Ideally, you should give yourself a minimum few months' lead time before peak season begins. This allows you to define the most problematic zones, find the right number of employees and then train them. 

Another important aspect that helps us is that we have an advanced training program for all employees. Moreover, we have top-notch team leads that supervise every project and minimize the number of mistakes.

At the same time, additional support from your vendors may seem like the best option for peak season, but you have to take many factors into account. For instance, vendors differ from one another in terms of language coverage, prices, and capacities. 

Synergium, in its turn, has 48 different languages in our portfolio. We excel at handling big projects, including difficult language pairs. For example, only in June, we had more than 500k words translated into Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian) for such clients as Tableau, Amazon, and Empatica. In case you have a big project that you need assistance with, please don’t hesitate to reach out.